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Planting A Community Garden Plot

2011 May 23

For the past nine months or so, my wife and I have been pretty involved with the launch of a local community garden. We've been working with our church 1st Pres, which holds the lease, and Pomona Hope, a local non-profit.

For most of our time with garden, we'd been primarily involved with the administrative tasks of the garden: working with the organizations to establish roles, defining rules, creating publicity materials, and organizing parties. At the most recent party, we finally signed up for our own plot. Last Saturday, the grounds manager helped us level our plot, install a trellace, and plant our first crop. In return we helped plant flowers along the sides of the garden. A win-win in my book!

  • Our Garden Plot 1
  • Our Garden Plot 2
  • Our Garden Plot 3
  • Our Garden Plot 4
  • Our Garden Plot 5
  • Our Garden Plot 6

I'm excited about this project. I'm amazed that we get be to involved with creating life, and life that adds a lot of beauty to what was once an incredible eye sore on our neighborhood. I'm also excited to be learn how to work the earth and be able to eat the fruit of my labor. Finally, I'd be thrilled to use my experience in the garden to motivate more robotic projects. That drip irrigation system, already impressive, is just begging for some hacking.