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A new year!

2011 January 09

So it's almost been a month since my last post, but I have actually been doing stuff which is the point. There are no pictures, so I'll keep it short.

Week 1: I bought iFixIt's Yellow Light of Death toolkit. My friend Johnny's PS3 got YLOD, but he was a little nervous doing the reflowing, so I helped him out. Since he had already bought a replacement, I might end up buying his old PS3, which will be sweet. I also got an excuse to buy a nice driver set and heat gun. And if I'd taken pictures, I would have even had something cool to blog about...

Weeks 2 and 4: I fought WordPress to find a suitable architecture for the blog. After a month, I finally decided what to do. I'm using the plugin "top-level-cats" by Felipe Fortes and using categories to determine what page each post should show up on. I'm also using /category/postslug for permalinks. This should make it look pretty much like a standard website. To make it possible to string projects together, I set up a custom taxonomy called "Projects." I'm pretty happy with this architecture, and will hopefully continue to refine the site until it looks and acts the way I want.

Week 3 and 4: Christmas was spent warm and happy with my family at my Parents house. To make up for it, the next day I stuck it out my dad's freezing warehouse to design and prototype the next iteration of BoB. It turns out laser cutting ABS is very different from laser cutting Acrylic. So while the design has been (more or less) finalized, I haven't gotten anything physical out of it.

My dad and I have also been doing a lot of research and discussion about rapid prototyping. We were spurred by two articles that I discovered in the last two weeks: DIY Transducers and Guerrilla guide to CNC machining and resin casting. We haven't really done anything with it yet, but it's got us really thinking about how we (mainly individually) should be setting up shop to maximize our capabilities.